5th Grade to Middle School Transition
Name Title Email Phone
Stephanie Leonard-Witte Assistant Superintendent - Teaching, Learning & Equity Email (608) 834-6516
Andrea Daniels Director of Secondary Teaching, Learning & Equity Email (608) 834-6572
Richard Mueller Director of Elementary Teaching, Learning & Equity Email (608) 834-6506

Welcome to the Short Term Space Planning webpage.  This site contains information related to the 5th Grade to Middle School Transition.  This webpage and accompanying FAQ document will be updated as new decisions and information are known. Decisions are made through a combination of feedback from all principals involved, and the Parent Transition Team.

Please note that information that is presented here may change slightly as the transition planning process continues. Any changes or updates that are different from what is printed in this document will be noted.

If you require this document in a different language, please contact Ann Williams, ESL Instructional Coach at  608-834-6541  or via email at aewilli@sunprairieschools.org

Si necesita este documento en un idioma diferente, por favor contactar Ann Williams, ESL Instructional Coach at  608-834-6541  or via email at aewilli@sunprairieschools.org

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