Advanced Learner Program Core Beliefs

We believe it is crucial for all staff members to be given on-going, job-embedded professional development and for all community stakeholders to have opportunities to share in the process of defining and delivering services for supporting students identified as advanced learners.

We will:

  • Build capacity to advocate for our advanced learners through collaborative relationships between the community, schools, and families. 
  • Ensure programming for underachieving or twice exceptional advanced or gifted learners. 
  • Systematically identify – using multiple measures and resources – individual students for advanced learner programming in the five talent areas. 
  • Develop a Differentiated Education Plan (DEP) when appropriate for identified students, through a collaborative team process. Each plan will be reviewed annually and progress will be monitored. 
  • Conduct an annual program evaluation at the district level. 
  • Have meaningful curriculum for students identified as advanced learners, which will be respectful of identified areas of ability and interest and include purposeful outcomes. 
  • Have increased academic achievement through differentiated instruction, compacted curriculum, flexible student grouping, and/or academic planning.