Bring Your Own Devices

"For students, school is like an airplane: 

They are told to remain seated,

locate the exits,

and stow their electronics."      -Robert Craven, ISTE, 2009


In September, 2009, the Sun Prairie Area School District modified its cell phone policy,

and expanded it, allowing students to use personal electronic devices at school. 


Click here to access the district's policy.

There have been many positive results of this change, including:

-Reduction in cell-phone related disciplinary actions

-Increased responsibility on the part of the students using personal devices

-Increased student usage of personal devices for instructional purposes


On an average day, over 400 personal devices connect to the school network. 

These devices include:

-iPod Touchs

-Tablets (iPads, android tablets, Nooks, etc)

-Cell phones

-Laptop computers

Educational activities on the personal devices include:

-Video and audio recordings

-Taking photographs

-Working in Google Docs

-Accessing websites

-Using on-line polls

-Flipped classroom instruction

-Reading books and magazines

-Using educational apps

-Accessing student records, grades and assignments


For more information, contact:


Michael Mades, Supervisor of Technology

Sun Prairie Area School District

Phone:  608.834.6509



Name Title Group Email Phone Web site
Michael Mades Director of Technology District Administration, District Office, Technology Department, Technology Office Email (608) 834-6509
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