High School Music

The music curriculum at Sun Prairie High School is designed to expand a student's insight into music which ranges from popular to the most sophisticated and demanding concert literature. Sensitivity to and understanding of music will give a student a lifelong appreciation of one of the world's greatest art forms.

Participation in band, choir, and/or orchestra provides for the following instruction:
   Individualized lessons
   Large group rehearsals, five periods each week
   One credit toward graduation is earned per year

Enrollment in any band performance ensemble allows for participation in band related extracurricular activities such as: 1) Jazz Ensemble I, II, III, 2) Jazz Combos, 3) Sound Project, 4) Sound of Sun Prairie, 5) District and State Solo/Ensemble.

Attendance at lessons and concerts is required.

Fees: A School Board mandated a music fee of $16.00 is for all music performance classes.
Band: A $50.00 / per year fee is charged for school-owned instruments (including percussion).
Orchestra: A $50.00 / per year fee is charged for students using a school owned instrument as their only instrument. A $25.00 per year fee is charged if the instrument is only used at school.

List of Courses


It is now well documented that children exposed to music learn faster and retain more. Music can be used to introduce concepts in other areas from science to history to mathematics.

Music Theory, started by Ricci Adams while a High School Senior, created his first lesson: The Staff, Clefs, and Ledger Lines. Since January 2000, he has authored over thirty new lessons and several new trainers.

Visual and Performing Arts are an important part of our schools.

Non-Discrimination Policy
All students attending Sun Prairie Area School District schools may participate in educational programs and activities, including career and technical education, regardless of sex, color, religion, profession or demonstration of belief or non-belief, homelessness status, sexual orientation, or emotional, physical, mental or learning disability. The District shall provide appropriate educational services or programs for students who have been identified as having a handicap or disability, regardless of the nature or severity of the handicap or disability. (SPASD Policy JB)

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