Old School vs New School Technology

Technology certainly changes how we do things in schools.  Here is a summary of the how things were done in the old school (before technology) and in the new school (with technology).


Activity:  Watching a Video

Old School:  Wheel in the TV/VCR and play the video tape

New School:  Several options here.

1.  Play a DVD on the computer and show the class on the LCD projector

2.  Play a streaming video on the computer and show the class on the LCD projector

3.  Play video on  portable digital recorder/player (Ipod) and the students watch on the player or on the LCD projector.


Activity:  Listen to an audio CD

Old School:  Play the CD in a portable CD player, turning up the volume for the class to hear

New School:  Play the CD in the computer with audio from the amplification system


Activity:  Project a worksheet to the class

Old School:  Make a transparency and show it on the overhead projector

New School:  Open the word processor document on the computer and show it on the LCD projector


Activity:  Conduct lecture and class discussion

Old School:  Stand before the class and speak loudly

New School:  Wear a wireless microphone, allowing entire class to hear without raising your voice.

Provide a second wireless microphone to students so they can hear each other during discussion.


Activity:  Provide notes for students who are absent

Old School:  Run off a copy of the notes and handouts for students

New School:  Several options here:

1.  Record lecture and notes on the Interactive whiteboard and post on website for students to watch

2.  Post notes and handouts in Moodle (LMS)


Activity: Research

Old School:  Reserve the library and take class to find books

New School:  Students search on-line resources



Activity:  Prepare for a substitute teacher

Old School:  Write a list of activities with textbook page numbers and handouts

New School:  Prepare a slide show on the computer that leads the substitute through the class.


Activity:  Print handouts and worksheets

Old School:  Print a copy on the printer, and take it to the copier and make copies

New School:  Several options here:

1.  Print copies from the computer directly to the network copier

2.  Email the documents to Cental Copy

3.  Post the documents in Moodle (LMS)


Activity:  Conduct an experiment

Old School:  Students gather around to watch the activity

New School:  Set up a digital camera and show the activity on the LCD projector


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