District Departments

About Our Departments:

Assessment and Continuous Improvement
This department is responsible for coordinating and administering state-mandated and district-selected assessments and providing analysis and reports for student achievement and district surveys. In addition, the department is responsible for maintaining student assessment records, including promotion policy data.

Business Services
The Business Department is responsible for the fiscal management of the district, long range financial plans, new facility planning, transportation, purchasing, payroll, accounts payable, and school board elections.

Busing and Transportation
Busing and Transportation are functions of the Business Services Department.  Bussing services are provided to elementary, middle school, and high school students who do not live within walking distance to the schools. 

Students with disabilities shall be provided transportation services in accordance with their individualized education programs (IEPs), legal requirements (Sec. 121.54(3), Wis Statutes) and applicable District policies and procedures.

Curriculum and Instructional Services
The Department of Curriculum and Instructional Programs is responsible for developing Sun Prairie's curriculum and ensuring its compliance with the State of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. This department also oversees the Gifted and Talented Program, Student Enrollment, Staff Development, Summer School, and new district initiatives.

Health Services
The Health Services Department includes a District Health Nurse and Health Care Assistants that work in each school. This department is responsible for aiding sick or injured students in school, providing information on immunization requirements, and helping to connect families to healthcare resources.  

Human Resources
The Human Resources Department is responsible for hiring, administering employee benefits, and coordinating volunteer forms and background checks

Music Program (Grades 6-12)
Sun Prairie has a long history of excellence in music education. The Music Program web page provides a full listing of middle school, upper middle school, and high school band, jazz, orchestra, and choir events.  All performances are open to the community.

School Nutrition & Wellness
School Nutrition  is responsible for managing the school breakfast and lunch program. They also manage student lunch accounts and coordinate the district's participation in the free and reduced lunch program.  The School Nutrition Department helps to ensure the wellness of all students through their work and their involvement with the Wellnes Committee.

Staff Development
Check the current staff development workshop calendar, and register for workshops at My Learning Plan.

Student Services & Special Education
Student Services is responsible for services to students, including special education. Visit this site if you are looking for information on referrals for Special Education Services, Special Education Parent Resources and Informational Links and more.

The Technology Department is responsible for managing the district's hardware and software used throughout the School District. 

Name Title Group Email Phone Web site
Apodaca, Jennifer Director of Student Services District Administration, District Office, Early Childhood, Student Service PBIS, Student Services, Student Services DO Admin Email (608) 834-6520
Butler, Jeffrey Director of Facilities & Grounds District Administration, District Office, Grounds, Space Planning Email (608) 834-6567
Evanco, Malika Director of Human Resources District Administration, District Office, HR Admin, Human Resources Email (608) 834-6551
Frei, Phil Director of Business & Finance Business Services, Business Services Office, District Administration, District Office, Facilities Email (608) 834-6510
Leonard-Witte, Stephanie Assistant Superintendent - Teaching, Learning & Equity District Admin, District Administration, District Office, DO Admin Email (608) 834-6516
Luessman, Clark Interim Executive Director of Operations District Admin, District Administration, District Office, DO Admin, Space Planning Email (608) 834-6683
Mades, Michael Director of Technology District Administration, District Office, Technology Department, Technology Office Email (608) 834-6509
Mould, Curtis Director of Assessment & Continuous Improvement Assessment, District Administration, District Office, DO Admin Email (608) 834-6531
Saron, Dr. Brad Superintendent District Admin, District Administration, District Office Email (608) 834-6502
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