District Facility Use

Thank you for your interest in renting facilities in the Sun Prairie Area School District. We have an online application available for requesting use of the facilities at each of our schools. 

To apply to become a facility requester click here.

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To view the district facility calendar click here.

For more information about renting a facility, please contact Lisa Sprindis at 608-834-6511 or email lasprin@sunprairieschools.org. If you have questions about an invoice or billing, please contact Melissa Bautz at 608-834-6699 or email mabautz@sunprairieschools.org.

2016-17 Policy, Procedure and Fee Schedule Related to Facility Use

Policy KG, Public Use of School Facilities
Procedure KG-R, Use of School Facilities
Exhibit KG-E: Facilities Use Fee Schedule

Open Scheduling Periods for Reservations

  September - December January - last day of school 1st day after school ends - August

Group 1             

Approved upon submission Approved upon submission Approved upon submission

Groups 2-5

Subbmittal Period

Approval Period


March 1 - June 1

June 1 - June 15


July 1 - Oct 1

Oct 1 - Oct 15


Nov 1 - March 1

March 1 - March 15

User Group Classifications and Facility Categories

In an event that any injury to a participant, damage to a facility, or other unplanned incident occurs, a Facility Incident Report needs to be completed.

Facility Incident Report

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