Head Injuries

 Most head injuries have no serious complications but sometimes symptoms occur within 72 hours. If any of the following symptoms occur, please notify your health care provider or hospital emergency room. 

              • Severe Headache  
              • Lumps or bruises which increase in size  
              • Stiff Neck  
              • Vomiting (more than 2 or three times)  
              Difference in usual personality or behavior patterns, slurred speech, confusion, loss of memory, inability to concentrate, irritability or uncharacteristic hostility.  
              • Persistent dizziness, double vision or blurred vision.  
              • Obvious loss of consciousness or unusual sleepiness or difficulty awakening from sleep. (It is not necessary to keep someone awake after this type of injury.) Carefully check your child at bedtime and/or naptime. Awaken your child within 1-2 hours after falling asleep to determine if response is normal.  
              • Seizure (convulsion).  
              • Losses of muscle coordination, such as falling down, walking strangely or staggered walk. Drooping on one side of face when smiling. Inability to squeeze hands with the same amount of strength.  
              • Blood or clear fluid leaking from nose or ear.  
              • Difference in size of pupils of the eyes. This is generally a late sign and will be usually preceded by one or more of the symptoms listed above.


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