Online Lunch Payment Program

The School Nutrition Department uses an on-line prepayment service. This service allows you to check your child's balance and/or make prepayments using your credit card for school breakfast, snack milk and lunches.

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Why Should I Use this Service?

It's Free: There is no fee for using the MySchoolBucks service.

It's Easy: Enrolling and funding is simple and completed online. Prepayments may be made in the amount of $5.00 or more.

It's Convenient: The day after your account is established, you can check balances and fund the account from your computer, phone or fax. Prepayments may be made at any time.

It's Fast: Pre-payments are generally posted to your child's account within 30 minutes of the payment being made.

It's Secure: Your personal and payment card information is protected by the most advanced Internet security. All transactions and communication use Secure Socket Layer with 128-bit encryption with secure certificate exchange. The site is hosted at a secure data center for 24/7 availability.

It's Worry-free:  With the recurring prepayment option, you can arrange an automatic charge to a specific credit card based on a particular account balance level. Please be reminded that a notification is generated from our office when your child's account falls below $9.00. We encourage you to set your account balance level at $9.00 or more ($12.00 seems to work best) when choosing this option.

How Do I Enroll?

1.     Go to MySchoolBucks and click "Sign Up Today".

2.     Create an account using your student's district ID number. If you do not know your child's ID number please call us at 834-6544.

3.     If you wish to pay on-line you will need to provide credit or debit card information.

4.     Choose either the SmartPay or Pay as You Go option.

You may also view information about your child's Meal Account Balance using MySchoolBuckscom.  If you have questions about the MySchoolBucks program, you can call their help line at 1-855-832-5226 or check out their FAQs section

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