Google Docs for Parents

Google Docs provides students a resource to do their homework, with a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software.  Since it is on the Internet, students can access their files from any computer, anywhere in the world, where they have access to the Internet.

To learn more about Google Docs, take the tour at this website:

Watch this presentation to see how teachers are using Google Docs:

Tips to help use Google Docs at Home

Web Browsers:  Google Docs is Internet-Based, and must be accessed through a web browser.
We find that it works best in Mozilla Firefox, a free download.  
**Computers must have access to the Internet.

Access to Site:  Students must use the link on the For Students page on the district website to access the Sun Prairie School District Google Docs Home Page (this is different than just opening Google Docs on the web or if you currently operate Google Docs on your home computer).  The Sun Prairie Google Docs site is a secure site that is not open to the entire web so documents and account information is protected). Students do not have access to gmail (google email) on the Sun Prairie Google Docs site.

Or, they can click on this link:

Note:  it does not matter the type of computer, browser or operating system for your computer as Google Docs is a web based program

Username and Password:  Students use the same username and password that they set at school.

Forgotten Passwords:  Students must contact their teacher or media specialist to request a password change.

Transferring Files:  Google Docs has options for transferring files (students can load all of their information online and not have to use a flash drive)

Students can upload and store files from any program to their Sun Prairie Google Docs account.
Students can convert files from MS Word, Excel, and Power Point.  This will allow them to edit their files.
Students can export their Google documents to Microsoft word.
Students who use Microsoft tools at home can either upload the files to the Sun Prairie Google Docs page before they come to school or bring a flash drive with their documents to upload them at school.  

Students can share files with their teachers to post their papers electronically and not have to print the documents.
Students can share projects with other students to work collaboratively via the web which is a great 21st century skill.
Students can save all of their school files on the Sun Prairie Google Docs site so files are accessible  24/7 from the internet (via computer or smartphone)

Google Help:.

Quick Start Guide

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Michael Mades Director of Technology District Administration, District Office, Technology Department, Technology Office Email (608) 834-6509
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