Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send payment for all my children in one envelope?
YES, you can send all payments for all children in one envelope, even if they are from different schools. Payments may be mailed to the School Nutrition Department at 501 S. Bird St. Sun Prairie, WI 53590 or turned in at any school office. Please indicate how much you would like in each of your children's account. All payments are sent to the District Office School Nutrition Department and are entered into the computer daily.

 We have signed up for but still get low balance letters periodically. Why?
When you originally signed up for you were asked if you would like to sign up for automatic payments meaning that your account would refill automatically when the balance falls below a certain dollar amount. The default setting upon signup is $7.50. Our low balance notifications go out when an account falls below a $9.00 balance. In order to stop receiving the phone calls and emails, you will need to set your refill point at a higher dollar amount (about $12.00 would work the best) to assure that your account never falls below $9.00 (which then triggers a low balance notification).

During the last school year, we received free (or reduced) meals.  Do we have to fill out another application for the current school year?
YES, all applications from last year expired on August 1st of the current year. Applications are available at the District Office at 501 S. Bird St. and at every school office.  It may take up to 10 days for the application to be approved and entered into our computer system. So, the earlier you turn in your application, the better. All children will remain on paid status until the application is approved.

Can we get a copy of our child's account history?
YES, contact us at the Nutrition Department (608-834-6544) and we can get one sent out to you.

How much do I need to deposit into my child's lunch account?
We recommend parents maintain a balance for seven days worth of activity in their account. Please take into consideration if your child eats breakfast and lunch and takes a snack milk, you may need to keep your balance a bit higher.

I have been using and it was working fine but now has quit working. Why?
The most common cause of this is that the credit/debit card that you have on file with has expired. You can edit or update this using the login information that you created when you originally signed up for

Tips & Time Savers:

  • Get to know your child's School ID (or Customer ID). Their ID number will stay with them from grade to grade, and school to school. When filling out a payment envelope, you can simply put your child's ID and name, no need to include the school or homeroom teacher or grade. Our most common problem when entering payments is the use of nicknames or not using the child's full name. Using their customer ID will eliminate this problem.
  • At the end of the school year many parents choose to let their children's account balances get very low. Then, at the beginning of the next school year we get a massive amount of payments in the first two weeks of school which causes a delay in processing. Any money left in the account over the summer will follow the child to the next grade and even to a different school within the district. Our tip would be to leave the account with enough money for lunch for the first week or two.
  • If your child leaves the school district for any reason including graduation please complete the refund/transfer form on our website under School Forms.  This form will give you options (get a refund, transfer to another account, or donate) and directions on how to go about closing your account.  Refunds can take up to 6-8 weeks for processing.
  • Your child's lunch account is actually used for more than just lunch. In some of our elementary schools kids are given a snack break and an option for a snack milk. The account is also used for charging snack milks. Since all money (lunch or snack milk) goes into the same account, it can be sent as one payment in one envelope. Also, you can pay your milk money in advance instead of sending $.35 each day or $1.75 weekly with your child. There are usually 20 school days in a calendar month so $7.00 a month (or $63.00 per year) is about average.
  • All schools are now signed up for where you can check your children's account balance or make payments using a credit/debit card. Please call us with any questions you might have about setting up your on-line account.

    Any questions or concerns, please call the School Nutrition Office at 834-6544.
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