Special Education

Child Find

The school district solicits and receives referrals of students with suspected special education needs from all persons who have reasonable cause to believe that such needs exist.

Any person aware of a child between the ages of birth through 21 who may be experiencing physical, mental, emotional or learning problems may contact a classroom teacher, a school principal, or the Department of Student Services to determine if a referral for special education is appropriate. Referrals may be made for children who are new to the District, students currently enrolled, resident students attending a private school, and children below school age.

The District provides special education services for students between the ages of three and 21 identified with a disability in the following areas: emotional/behavioral disability, learning disability, speech and language disability, cognitive disability, visual impairment, hearing impairment, orthopedic impairment, other health impairment, autism, and traumatic brain injury. For further information regarding each of these impairments, please refer to our resources section of this site. If you have concerns that a child has needs that may fit into one of these areas, please contact us.

If it is determined that an official special education referral is in order, the District will conduct an evaluation of the referred child at the District's expense. Specific state criteria will be adhered to in determining eligibility for specific disabilities.

Please refer to our Notice of Child Find Activity for more detailed information.

Photo Name Title Email Phone Web site
  Apodaca, Jennifer Director of Student Services Email (608) 834-6520
  Pogue, Sara Administrative Assistant Email (608) 834-6524
  Brody, Wendy Student Services Specialist Email (608) 834-6559
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