Summer School 2017
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Name Title Group Email Phone
Browning, Brittany Administrative Assistant Curriculum and Instruction, District Office, Summer School Coordinators, Teaching, Learning and Equity Email (608) 834-6507
Guyette, Jo Coordinator of Middle and Upper Middle School Programs Curriculum and Instruction, District Admin, District Office, DO Admin, HS SS contact, Summer School Coordinators Email (608) 834-6579
Thao, Kristy Coordinator of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction, District Office, Summer School Coordinators Email (608) 834-6566

Registration Dates & Times for Summer School:

  • Registration for High School credit recovery, initial credit, and elective summer school classes begins at 8:00 a.m. on WED.JAN 25
  • Registration for students recommended for reading and math, grades K-8th, begins at 8:00 a.m. on TUES. MAR 21
  • Registration for all students begins at 8:00 a.m. on TUES. APR 4
  • Registration for district provided transportation closes on FRI. MAY 5.


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Greetings!  The District Summer School Team is working on the Course Guide for Summer School 2017.  The booklet will be made available online and some hard copies will be available for families through the elementary schools.  We will begin High School Initial Credit, Credit Recovery, and Enrichment class registration in late January (before students begin their fall registration).  Click here for information. Registration for students recommended for math and reading will begin in late March/early April and registration for all students will open in April.  We will share more information with all families on the opening dates.
Summer School begins on JUN 19 and is finished on JUL 27.  We will offer a six week session for students in HS & PPA and students who are in elementary/middle/upper middle math and reading.  We will offer two 3 week sessions of enrichment classes for elementary, middle, and upper middle level students. 
Most classes are held between 8:00-12:00, Monday-Thursday, but we have some specialized classes that will run outside of that timeframe (in afternoons and in AUG).  We will NOT hold classes on Monday, JUL 3 or Tuesday, JUL 4.  We will NOT make those days up as we have built in sufficient time for the students to complete their courses. 
The district will transport students whose parents register them for SS 2017 and also register the students for transportation for the 8:00-12:00 time frame. Registration for district sponsored transportation will close on May 5, 2017!
Breakfast and lunch will be offered at a cost to the parents/guardians at the elementary schools and brunch at CHUMS, PPA, and the High School, again at a cost to the parents/guardians.  Prices for breakfast and lunch remain the same as during the school year.  Families whose children are approved for free/reduced pricing by school nutrition will continue to have free/reduced pricing during the summer.  Meal prices will be charged to the same online My School Bucks account as they are charged in the school year.  If students do not have an online account for breakfast, lunch, or brunch, they should communicate with Diana Mapes at the School Nutrition and Wellness office.  Current 4K students do NOT have online accounts for lunch.  Parents/guardians of current 4K students must pay for their children's food service directly to staff at the School Nutrition and Wellness office at the District Office.  Current 4K students are NOT eligible for free/reduced prices (per state/federal law).  
We will hold a special orientation for students who will be starting at the Middle Schools on AUG 2-3.  Included in that group will be the CURRENT 4th graders from Eastside and Horizon who will be attending the Middle Schools as 5th graders.  Students and their parents/guardians will receive information through elementary school counselors and directly from the District Summer School Team.  The district will provide transportation for the students whose parents/guardians register them for transportation for the New Beginnings and Moving on Up Orientation.
The District Summer School Team will be sharing additional information with families through Blackboard Connect, direct mail, Facebook posts, and information on this site.  Please watch for more information.  If you have questions, please contact any of the team members listed below.  
Thank you for your enthusiasm for our District Summer School program!


Brittany Browning, Coordinator of High School/Prairie Phoenix Academy, (608) 834-6507 or

Jo Guyette, Coordinator of Middle and Upper Middle School Programs, (608) 834-6579 or

Kristy Thao, Coordinator of Elementary, (608) 834-6566 or

Online information: 

Thank you and have a great day!

Shelley Joan Weiss
District Director of Summer School
Sun Prairie Area School District


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