Voicemail user tips

Telephone and Voicemail Reference Chart

The Sun Prairie Area School District maintains a phone system for connections and voicemail.  Most employees are assigned a phone extension and/or a voicemail location. This section explains some of the common uses of the system.


Accessing Voicemail

From your assigned phone inside the district

From any phone   inside the district From any phone outside the district
  1. Dial 88.
  2. You hear "Hello", your name, "please enter your passcode.
  3. Enter your passcode number.
  1. Dial 6688.
  2. You hear "Welcome to the message center, please enter a mailbox number or wait.  Press 8 to dial by name."
  3. Dial your mailbox/voicemail number and then *
  4. Enter your passcode number.
  1. Dial (608) 834-6688
  2. You hear "Welcome to the message center, please enter a mailbox number or wait.  Press 8 to dial by name."
  3. Dial your mailbox/voicemail number and then *
  4. Enter your passcode number.

Once you have gotten into the voicemail, you have the following options:

  • P (7) to play a message someone left
  • M (6) to record a new message that callers will hear
  • U (8) to access User Options
  • X (9) to exit out of Voicemail and hangup
  • 0 to have the operator assist you

These options are explored further here. 

If you Press Your Options are
P The Message Plays. At anytime you can press:
  • P (7) to play the message again
  • A (2) to answer the message (if it were sent from an internal phone/voicemail.) This allows you to send a message back without dialing the users number
  • G (4) to give the message to another voicemail number 
  • K (5) to keep the message so you may listen to it again later
  • D (3) to discard (throw away) the message
M You hear "Enter mailbox to make message for". 
  • Enter the 4 digit number of the mailbox where you wish to leave a message. You will hear the name of the person who is assigned the mailbox number you dialed.  At this time you may:
    • Enter additional 4 digit numbers to send this message to multiple people
    • Press the * key to delete the previous entry (in case you misdialed)
    • Press the # key to record your message.
  • You will hear "Record your message" followed by a beep.  At this time, speak and leave the message for the person(s) voice mailbox you have entered.  When finished, you can:
    • press  X (9) to immediately send the message
    • press the # key or stay silent. The system will respond with "Recording complete." At this time you may press:
      • R (7) to review your recording
      • D (3) to discard your recording and start over
      • A (2) to append to the recording
      • M (6) for message addressing options
        • C (2) to mark Confidential
        • R (7) to request a receipt (to know when the message was heard)
        • U (8) to mark the message urgent
        • F (3) to activate the ability to send this message at a future date
        • X (9) to exit the message addressing options
      • X (9) to send the message
U User options allows you to customize your voice mailbox. Press:
  • G (4) to change the greeting people hear when they call you and you do not answer.
    • L (5) to listen to your current greeting
    • R (7) to record a new greeting
    • X (9) to exit greeting change
  • N (6) to change your name (re-record it)
  • P (7) to change your passcode number
  • L (5) to create or edit a distribution list (where you can send to multiple mailboxes by entering one list code)
  • C (2) to select call scheduling options
  • T (8) to play the Mitel phone tutorial
  • X (9) to exit from user options


To change your voice mail message:
  1. Dial into the system and enter your passcode
  2. Press U (8) for User Options
  3. Press G (4) to change the greeting
  4. Press R (7) to record a new greeting
  5. Press X (9) after you are finished speaking your new greeting.

Call Forwarding

  1. To another phone
    1. Press *29
    2. Dial the number you want your call transfered to.  If it is an outside line, you will first need to press 9 and then the number.
  2. To voicemail
    1. Press *29
    2. Press 88

Canceling Call Forwarding
Press #29

If you have questions regarding the phone system or a problem with your phone, please use Trouble Trakker to submit them to the Technology Department so we may respond as quickly as possible.  Thank you! 

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