Below are links to answer our most frequently asked questions.  

If you still have questions after checking our site, please call the district office at 834-6500 or the school your child attends. Thank you!
How do I determine which school my child will attend?
Please look at this interactive map: .  For instructions on how to best use the interactive map are available here
Please note:  Five of our seven elementary schools are at capacity.  Please call the school district office at 834-6500 to ask if the school in your attendance area has space available for your children.  If not, your child could be shuttled to another elementary school.

How do I enroll my child?

What immunizations does my child need to have?

What is the curriculum for my child in 4K?  What what will he/she be learning?
4K Curriculum is called Creative Curriculum.  

What is the curriculum for my child in Grades K-12?
District Curriculum

Is there bus service from my neighborhood to school?

What time do classes start and end?

Which days do the kids have off this year?
School Year Calendar At-a-Glance

How do you determine if my child qualifies for Special Education services?

When should I keep my child home from school?

Where can I check my child's assignments and grades online?
Infinite Campus for students in grades K-12

Where do I find phone numbers and contact information?
Teacher & Staff Directory

Are we missing an important question?  
Please let us know if there's something we should add to this list!  Email  Thank you!

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