Concerns & Complaints

The Sun Prairie Area School Board relies on its teachers, staff, and administrators to resolve concerns or complaints of citizens.The revised policy encourages a resolution to the concern to happen first at the level most directly involved and in an informal manner, whenever possible.

See School Board Policy BDDI

See Procedure BDDI-R

There are certain exceptions to the above policy and procedure.  Please see below for more information.

Exceptions to the Levels of Review:

Concerns related specifically to the following issues or programs have separate procedures for resolving complaints:

     1. Employee Discrimination and Harassment  (Policy GB & Procedure GBA-R)

     2. Student Discrimination and Harassment ( Policy JB & Procedure JB-R)

     3. Special Education  (Policy IGBA & IDEA Regulations)

     4. Entrance Age (Policy JEB/Procedures JEB-R(1) & JEB-R(2)

     5. Complaints About Learning Materials and the Curriculum  (Policy KLB & Procedure KLB-R)

     6. The Extra-Curricular Rules and Regulations  (Extra-Curricular Rules and Regulations Handbook and WIAA Regulations)

     7. Promotion Criteria For Grades 3-8 (Policy IKE)

Consistent with the policy of resolution at the level most directly and appropriately involved while providing opportunities to appeal such decision to higher levels, concerns or complaints shall proceed through the following steps.  Complaints are not permitted to progress to the next higher level until effort is made to resolve the concern at the appropriate lowest level.

Step 1 - Teacher, Coach, or Other Staff Person Directly Involved
Step 2 - Building Principal, Athletic Director or Immediate Supervisor
Step 3 - Executive Director or Assistant District Administrator
Step 4 - District Administrator
Step 5 - School Board