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Communication regarding school closings and delays is important, and our school closings apply to both Sun Prairie public and private schools.

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2011-2012 SPHS Contact Information

Main Office     General Number     834-6703
Mrs. Shogren    Attendance Secretary      834-6993  jashogr@spasd.k12.wi.us
Mr. McGee    Assistant Principal (A-G)     834-6710
Mrs. Bollinger    Assistant Principal (I-Q)     834-6711  labolli@spasd.k12.wi.us
Mr. Rouse    Assistant Principal (R-Z)     834-6712  jgrouse@spasd.k12.wi.us
Ms. Lisa Heipp   Principal (H)       834-6717  lbheipp@spasd.k12.wi.us
Student Services Office   General Number     834-6729
Ms. Burns   Secretary   llburns@spasd.k12.wi.us  834-6729
Ms. Zeman   Counselor (A-E)  djzeman@spasd.k12.wi.us  834-6723
Mr. Dan Hobson  Counselor (F-K)  dahobso@spasd.k12.wi.us  834-6726
Ms. Smth-Charlestin  Counselor (L-R)  ydsmith@spasd.k12.wi.us  834-6730
Ms. Monica Wagner  Counselor (S-Z)  mmwagne@spasd.k12.wi.us  834-6722
Ms. Sheppleman  Social Worker   cjshepp@spasd.k12.wi.us  834-6727
Ms. DeRosa   Psychologist   dmderos@spasd.k12.wi.us  834-6724
Mr. Dean   ATODA/Social Worker bddean@spasd.k12.wi.us  834-6728
Athletic Office    General Number     834-6715
Mr. McClowry    Athletic Director jemcclo@spasd.k12.wi.us  834-6713
Mrs. Harbort    Athletic Secretary dmharbo@spasd.k12.wi.us  834-6719
Mrs. Apfelbeck   Clerical Assistant nrapfel@spasd.k.12.wi.us  834-6720
Nurse’s Office    General Number     834-6702
Kristine Gill-Ladish  Health Assistant  klladis@spasd.k12.wi.us  834-6702

Other People to Know:
Jennifer Apodaca, Program Manager for Special Education, Main Office, 834-6708, jjapoda@spasd.k12.wi.us
Jack Wilkinson, Police Liaison Officer, Main Office, 834-6706, jwilki@spasd.k12.wi.us
Andrea Omeja, Principal’s Secretary, Main Office, 834-6717, abomeja@spasd.k12.wi.us
Karen Ross, Technology Secretary, Main Office, 834-6718, klross@spasd.k12.wi.us
Chris Wayland, Financial Secretary, Main Office, 834-6716, ckwayla@spasd.k12.wi.us
Schell Jaszewski, Front Desk, Main Office, 834-6703, srjasze@spasd.k12.wi.us






Sun Prairie Area School District Infinite Campus  Parent Portal


1. Go to the district website at http://www.sunprairie.k12.wi.us/ and choose  For Parents & Families

2. Choose Infinite Campus Portal

3. Click on the link

4. This page contains the LOGIN (https://campus.spasd.k12.wi.us/campus/portal/sunprairie.jspstatus=portalLogoff⟨=en) at the bottom of the screen, terms of agreement, use of service, frequently asked questions, a portal guide, and parent information letter.



If you DID NOT fill out a green application form at registration, go to http://www.sunprairie.k12.wi.us/Portalapp.cfm to submit a request.

After a request is submitted, information is verified to set up your account and you will receive confirmation in an email from your school’s secretary. 



Sun Prairie High School Karen Ross 834-6752

Patrick Marsh Middle School Nikki Zimbric 834-7603

Prairie View Middle School Deb Wied 834-7851


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