Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Fees

Does the 10% student discount apply to a family pass if my child is a student in the district?
     No.  The 10% student discount applies to only 3-months & 12-months "single" passes.

Does a high school students have to pay for a day pass to make-up a PE class at the pool?
     Not if they asked their teacher for a PE Make-up Pass.

Can I get a refund on my pass?
     No.  The pool does not issue refunds, but it does offer credit toward future passes and programs, if the patron has submitted a written medical notice.

Does the pool "pro-rate" passes?

If I am a resident of SPASD, but my child goes to school outside of SPASD, do I still qualify as a resident?

Questions about Lap/Open Swim

Does the pool provide towels and locks?

What equipment does the pool have for lap swimmers to use?
     The pool does not have any swim equipment to share with community members, except for kickboards.

Does the pool have any "fun things" for kids to play with during open swim?
     The pool has a basketball hoop, various types of balls, noodles, and dive rings that may be used.

If there is another swimmer in a lane, should I swim with him/her?
     The best way to answer this questions is by reading the Swimming Etiquette page. 

Can I use the diving boards during Lap and/or Open Swim?
     No, the diving boards can not be used during Lap Swim.  During Open Swim, one of the two diving boards will be available.

Miscellaneous Questions

How deep is the pool?
     The pool is 3' 4" at the shallow wall, 5' at the midway point, and 12' 4" at its deepest.

Is the pool handicap accessible?
     The pool has a zero depth entry ramp.

Questions about Pool Schedule
Is the pool open on "No School" days?
     Maybe.  Depending on the reason why there is no school, the pool may be open for community swimming.  Please check the General Pool Schedule page to verify the hours of operations for a specific date.

Is the pool open on a "Snow Day"?
     No.  If school operations are canceled, then the pool will not be opened.

Is the pool open for swimming during a swim meet?
     No, but we encourage individuals to come, watch, and support the athletes.

Is lap swimming for adults only?
     No. In the future, adult lap swim times may be assigned.  At this time, we welcome swimmers of all ages.

Will the pool be opening earlier/later in the future?
Possibly.  Hours of operations are dependent on supply and demand.

Questions about Programs

Is the pool going to offer "Learn-to-Swim" lessons?
     Currently, there is no plans to offer "Learn-to-Swim".  If you are looking for a "Learn-to-Swim" class, then please visit the City of Sun Prairie, Prairie Athletic Club, and/or Northeast YMCA.



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