Sun Prairie High School Pool

Please check our Lifeguard Training tab on the right for information in regard to upcoming Lifeguarding Classes for certification and recertification. 

Welcome to the Sun Prairie High School Aquatic Center. Our pool is a 25 yard, 8 lane swimming pool. Our water is kept at 80-82 degrees and is disinfected via a salt chlorinator as well as a UV system. The pool is equipped with a Colorado Timing System as well as a state of the art scoreboard.

During the school day the pool is busy with physical education and lifeguarding classes. The Sun Prairie Cardinal Swim and Dive teams practice before and after school. In the evening typically from 6-9 pm the age group swim programs are practicing in the pool.

Be sure to check the pool calendar for open swim and lap swim times. We hold 2 lanes open for lap swimming Monday - Friday unless there are swim meets scheduled. Typically the lap lanes must be shared by 2-6 swimmers who are able to circle swim or water walk. Open swim is on the weekends from 11-5 unless there is a scheduled swim meet which would be indicated on the pool calendar. Open swim is for all ages. We usually have the diving boards available as well as a few lanes for lap swimmers. Feel free to bring safe water toys to open swim. We have life jackets and water walking belts available as well. Please check our pool fees on our links on the side of this page. 

We encourage you to come and check out the pool. It is a great place to be. 

Clean, Safe Water

Instead of using a traditional pool sanitation method, such as direct liquid chlorine injection, the Sun Prairie High School Pool uses a Salt Water Chlorination System.  Along with the Salt Water Chlorination System, the Sun Prairie Pool uses a state-of-the-art ultraviolet disinfectant system.  

Clean, safe water is a priority for the Sun Prairie High School Pool.  If you would like more information on the Salt Water Chlorination System or other interesting uses of science/technology, then please visit our Pool Science page.

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