Parties and Other Rentals

The Sun Prairie High School Pool is available for group usage/rental on most weekends.  If you would like to bring a party to the pool during community open swim hours (generally 11am-4pm), then please see option one below.  If you would like to rent the pool outside of community hours, then please see option two below.

Weekend Group Usage/Rental

Option One – Bringing a group during community hours

Smaller groups (25 or less) wanting to use the pool during the afternoon may come to the pool and purchase day passes for each swimmer.  Although there may be other community members using the pool, this option is often less expensive and gives parent the flexibility to have groups come during the afternoon.  Instead of renting the pool by the hour, the swimmers are required to purchase a day pass.  The Pool Commons Room may be reserved during this time.

Option Two – Using the pool outside of community hours

This option allows a group to be the only group using the pool.  For this option, the group will be charged for the total hours using the pool facility (including Pool Commons Room & Locker Rooms).

How to Plan a Group Pool Party

Select a few possible dates that would work for your group and follow this link to become a facility requester.  Learn more about being our district facility use by clicking on this link.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be lifeguards?

     Yes.  During community open swim, a minimum of two lifeguards are scheduled.  For rentals outside of community open swim, a minimum of one lifeguard will be scheduled.  Groups are more than welcome to pay for additional lifeguard coverage ($10/hr).

Can I section-off part of the pool for my group only during community open swim?
     No.  During community open swim, the pool is available to all individuals who paid to use the pool.

Do I have to buy a day pass for someone who is not swimming?
     If you are planning on coming during open community hours, then all individuals entering the water need to purchase a day pass.  If an individual is not entering the water, then he/she does not need to have a day pass purchased.

How long should I plan a birthday party?
     Plan about two hours.  One hour of swimming, 15 minutes of changing time, and about 45 minutes if you plan to use the Pool Commons Room for gift opening, cake, or pizza.

Can we offer the lifeguards food from the party?
     You are more than welcome to offer the lifeguards food, as long as it does not distract them from their pool surveillance duties.

How many people can the Pool Commons Room accommodate?

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