Rental Policy


Adopted by the School Board: December 21, 1981

Revised by the School Board: October 22, 1984; October 9, 1995, November 29, 1999; March 26, 2007; October 27, 2008CROSS REF.: EB, Safety Program; ECAD, Locker Room Privacy; IND, Accommodating a Student's Beliefs; JFCJ, Weapons in Schools; JHK, Wellness; KG-R, Use of School Facilities; KG-E, Facilities Use Fee Schedule; KGB, Tobacco Use on School Premises; KGE, School Site and Playground Regulations; KK, Visitors to the School During the School Day

1. Schools are an integral part of the community in terms of its intellectual and social expression and development. To this end, the School Board encourages the public use of school facilities, within Board policy guidelines, when they are not being used for district curricular and extracurricular activities.

a. The Board encourages municipal recreation departments, civic organizations and service groups operating as nonprofit organizations within the school district to use the facilities, when they are available and upon specific request, for activities consistent with Board policies.
b. The Board encourages the use of school facilities to provide forums for the discussion of issues, including controversial issues, provided that such forums do not disrupt or interfere with the instructional programs of the schools. Authorization for use of school facilities shall not be considered as an endorsement of or approval of the activity, group, or organization, nor for the purpose it represents.
c. The Board encourages organizations using school facilities to permit all school district residents to participate in their activities and does not support any policy that discriminates against any district resident on the basis of criteria prohibited by law.
d. The Board discourages the use of school facilities by promoters or others whose main purpose is to make a personal profit from the event being sponsored.

2. Requests for use of school facilities shall be made in accordance with Board policy and administrative procedures as established by the Deputy District Administrator (Business and Operations). Facility use decisions shall be subject to review by the Board upon complaint.

3. Any individual or group using school facilities shall be required to abide by all facility use regulations.

4. Rental fees may be charged for the use of school facilities under the circumstances listed in Procedure KG-R. Such fees shall be reasonable, and the intent of such fees shall be to recover for the school district the costs associated with the facilities use. Some organizations may be exempt from paying rental fees on the basis of the activities they provide as set forth in Procedure KG-R.

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