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What is PBIS?


TEACH-TO VIDEOS FOR EXPECTED BEHAVIORS; please click on the videos below.

PBIS Brochure
100 Positive Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in School
Hallway Behavior Video
PBIS Power Point for SPASD

Below are various links to state and national PBIS network websites that will provide additional information.


Behavioral expectations at Patrick Marsh: Be Respectful, Responsible and Safe.

Behavioral Posters

Student Recognition

         *  ACE/SOM Assemblies: ACE stands for Academic Achievement-Cooperation-Effort and SOM stands for Student-of-the-Month.  Each month, teachers nominate students for these two awards and we celebrate their success by having an all-school assembly.

         *  Spirit of Excellence

         *  Cultural Student Spotlight


What are PAWS and how can they be used?

When displaying expected behavior students will earn PAWS (Positive Award Winning Students) from staff members.  PAWS can be used to purchase items at the school store, earn time in the Panther Den, or buy a speed pass or an a la carte item at lunch.

School Store Etiquette

An important part of PBIS is data collection.  The PBIS team collects data on minor and major behavior referrals, attendance and behavior interventions.  This data is used to drive re-teaching of behavior in specific areas of the school.  For example, if the behavior team notices increased tardies there may be re-teaching of positive hallway behavior and increased rewarding of on-time students.



We are happy to share that we have begun our new universal Bully Prevention program “Stop-Walk-Talk”. As you know Patrick Marsh has always taken bullying and bully prevention seriously. Over the years we have used various curriculums to teach bully prevention and assertiveness. We were looking for a curriculum that used common language that all staff and students could use and listen for; “Stop-Walk-Talk” fits for us.  All staff were trained the beginning of April and we are teaching all students this week during homeroom. Ask your child about the candle activity and have them explain Stop-Walk-Talk to you. For your convenience there is also a link to this information below.

Stop Walk Talk
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