Patrick Marsh Clubs
Art and Culture Club
Ms. Tiffany Xiong

Art and Culture Club will serve as a safe space to talk about and explore different cultures within the world. Students will have the opportunity to co-plan and co-facilitate lessons on cultures of their choice. Students will also be creating art projects that relate to the different cultures they learn about.  Art and Culture Club will meet in the Winter from November 16 to mid-March, Wednesday's from 3-4:15 pm.  Art and Culture Club is open to all students.

Discovery Club
Mr. Mark Smith

Discovery Club collects data from Patrick Marsh Wildlife area.  The club  meets Wednesday's after school starting Wednesday, September 7 until Wednesday, October 19th.  It will start up again in the spring; that date is yet to be determined. Discovery Club is open to students 5th-7th grade.

Drama Club
Mrs. Nehmer

The goal of drama club is to promote dramatic arts and stage presence through the production of plays and musicals.  The basic philosophy is that everyone has a talent to offer.  Drama Club participates in a fall play and a spring musical.  

Audition dates: Nov 1st, 3rd, and 4th 

First day of rehearsal Nov. 7th 

Performances Jan. 13th 6pm and 14th 12pm 

Fiddle Club
Mrs. Erin Barnard

Fiddle club meets twice a week at 7 am from mid-October through mid April.  Students are expected to arrive a few minutes before 7 am to be tuned.  We will learn and perform music from various string music traditions including Fiddle, Gypsy, Scandinavian, and American with pop/rock/jazz influence.  Concerts may include performances at the Sun Prairie Public Library, at Patrick Marsh Orchestra concerts, at Solo Ensemble, and more.  6th and 7th grade students are invited to attend.  All students who want to perform are required to attend both rehearsals and in a timely fashion in order to participate.

5th Grade Choir Club
Mrs. Eleanor Brinsko

Open to all 5th grade students.  5th grade Choir Club will on Wednesdays, starting October 5, from 10:15-10:35 am in the General music room. Students will be singing a variety of songs from around the world, from show tunes to popular music.

Garden Club
Ms. Tiffany Xiong

Help out in the school garden! In Garden Club, students are able to help select plants they would like to grow in our school garden, gain hands-on experience in gardening, and harvest the produce when ready. Garden Club will meet in the Spring from March 15th until the end of the school year, Wednesdays from 3:00-4:00 PM.  It is open to all students.

Go Global
Ms. Kowalczyk

Learn about the world and everything in it.  Go Global is an after school club that promotes global literacy, environmental action and social justice. Go Global meets throughout the year and is open to all students.  Log on to our Go Global MOODLE site for games, challenges and resources. Go Global is open to students 5th-7th grade.

Mrs. Erin Barnard and Mr. Tim Mortenson
What can you Imagine? Come dream and create with us! 
Learn how to design and use technology to make your ideas turn into reality! Learn about Design process, computer programming, robotics, circuitry, and more! Start date and times to be determined; please stay tuned for future announcements.
Jazz Ensembles
Mr. Chris Gleason, Mrs. Sharon Haraldson

Jazz ensemble is open to any student enrolled in band at Patrick Marsh.  We allow any band instrument to participate and seek out players to play string bass, piano, guitar and drum set as well.  We have three jazz ensembles at Patrick Marsh; 7th Grade Jazz, 7th Grade Combo and 6th Grade Jazz.    

Please go to the Jazz portion of the PMMS Band Website to learn more about jazz rehearsal times, performances and other opportunities.

Panther Pack
Ms. Tiffany Xiong

Panther Pack is a service-learning club where students will learn about different issues within the community and participate in lessons/activities that revolve around these issues. Students will be able to volunteer in community-wide events and reflect on their learning experiences. Panther Pack will meet in the Fall from October 5th to November 2nd, Wednesdays from 3:00-4:00 PM.  Panther Pack is open to all students.

Panther Press
Ms. April Wood

Panther Press is a club for all students who would love to see their work published in a magazine by students, for students.  Whether it's comics, art, poetry, photography, interviews, editorials or an advice column, the Panther Press wants you.  Panther Press Club will meet on Thursdays after school from 3-4:00.  Panther Press will begin on Thursday, October 13.  It will meet in the art room, room 126.

Panther School Store
Mrs. Denise Anderson

The Panther Store is a club that meets Tuesdays and Thursdays after school and Wednesdays during lunch.  The Panther Store is a student-run school store that offers gum, t-shirts, fidgets, snacks, pencils, ear buds, folders, glue sticks, pencil sharpeners, lanyards, and much more! The club offers students an opportunity to order merchandise, set up displays, and work the counter in the School Store. We focus on teamwork, customer service, and having fun! 

Panther TV
Mr. Chris Schiemann

Panther television is a club designed to provide students with the experience and responsibility required to produce a live morning news show.  Together,as a team, students serve as news anchors to read announcements, organize the set ahead of broadcast, or operate the technical or computerized equipment to air the Patrick Marsh announcements each morning on our school's closed circuit television.  There are a variety of jobs available for students regardless of whether they want to appear on air or work behind the scenes. Panther TV is open to students 5th-7th grade.

Peer Mentors
Mrs. Tiffany Kvalheim

Peer mentors work to help make Patrick Marsh a positive, safe and fun place to be.  Students involved will be looked on as ambassadors of our school.  They will be mentors to new students that come in and they will help run our 5th grade visit.  This will include making a video and leading small group tours.  Finally, the peer mentors will help in implementing "Mix It Up" days which encourages kids to get to know all of their classmates better, and looks to show case student talent.  Peer mentors will meet 1-2 times a month, more if necessary.  It is open to all students 5th-7th grade.

Rocking the Library
Mr. Chris Schiemann

Rocking the Library

This club meets twice a month during lunch and is open to all students.  We will use the time to become "library experts", "Chromebook experts", assist with annual Scholastic Book Fair and "Libraries After Dark" family night, use art skills to promote the library, help Mr. Schiemann make choices for the library, have a chance to use the Imaginarium, and much much more.  See Mr. Schiemann or email him for more details.

Ms. Andrea Uher

SkillsUSA is an organization for students interested in technology and engineering education and career/skill development.  Students will participate in community service, employment, fundraising, professional development, public relations and social activities.  In addition students may take part in the state leadership conference and state skill competions. Skills USA will meet on Wednesdays after school. Skills USA is open to students 6th-7th grade.

Space Club
Mr. Armbrecht

Space Club: The purpose of Space Club is to teach kids about mars, space travel, and do fun projects to learn about survival in different planets

Space club will meet on Wednesday's after school in Mr. Armbrecht's class room,  room 407.  They will meet from 3:00 until 4:15 pm, starting Wednesday, February 22, 2017. This club is for 6th and 7th graders.

Student Council
Mrs. Crystal Brandl and Mrs. Rebecca Murray

Student Council promotes student leadership, school spirit and community service.  Student council meets throughout the school year and is open to any student 5th-7th grade.

Talent Show
Mr. Chris Gleason

The goal of the talent show is to showcase our students.  Auditions are always done in May and the show is usually the first or second Tuesday in June.  It is open to all students.

21st Century Careers
Ms. Bonnie Erickson

Careers club is an after school program that covers topics intended to help students increase their academic performance and better understand and prepare for college and careers.  It is an opportunity for students to learn how their interests align with different careers and what collge paths would help them get there.  There will be guest speakers and  many activities involving the exploration of companies and colleges.  Careers club will meet after school (2:45 pm - 4:00 pm) on Mondays for 6th graders and on Tuesdays for 7th graders.

5th and 6th Grade After School Homework Club
Mrs. Mary Headington

5th and 6th grade After School Homework club will begin on Tuesday, November 15. It will meet on Tuesday and Thursdays after school in room, 208. The club will run from 2:48 pm until 4:00 pm.  The students are then able to catch the activity bus to get a ride home. The activity bus is only for regular bus students and they will need to provide their bus tag for this. All other students will need to walk home or arrange for their ride. Snacks are encouraged but please be food allergy aware.


7th Grade Lunch Homework Club
Mrs. Betty Pohlman

7th grade lunch homework club will begin on Monday, September 26.  It will meet during lunch for 20 minutes (11:01-11:20) in room 404.  Students can participate voluntarily or be asked to attend by a teacher to catch up on work. At 11:20, students will then go to the cafetorium for lunch.  There is no after school homework club for 7th graders.

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