Enrichment Opportunities


Thank you to our guests who presented on Career Day. See the guest list here

Find upcoming field trip information and permission slips here


Field Trip Opportunities:

  • Biotech Institute, State Capitol and Veterans' Museum
  • Student Council JAM Leadership Conference
  • Student Council to Leadership Summit at UW Madison
  • Wisconsin Science Festival
  • Careers Club to Madison College
  • City Government Days
  • 7th grade Art students to Madison Musuem of Contemporary Arts
  • Band and Orchestra students to Overture Center for Madison Symphony Orchestra Concert
  • Band Festival at UW Whitewater
  • ESL students to the Sun Prairie Public Library


Enrichment Clubs:


School Sponsored Activities:

  • MMoCA Art on Tour
  • 6th & 7th grade afterschool socials
  • Band, Orchestra, and Choir concerts and competitions
  • Student Art Show
  • Drama Club musical performance of Sleeping Beauty Kids
  • All-school assemblies and guest speakers
  • Prairie Voices student entries


In-School Enrichment:

  • Flexible groups for advanced mathematics
  • Advanced reading groups during study hall
  • STEAM Lab:  Flexible groups for science enrichment - 6th & 7th grade
  • Special writing extensions with Story Board and Edmondo add ons for Language Arts